Alright, so family children, I saw, this happens to be my employees little girls, and I saw these pictures and I said I want to do something with this. The manner in which is now treated, makes it much easier for me to use my computer operated mat cutter. Which means, that I can then program it to do what I wanted to do without having to hand cut everything.

We have three photographs, the three photographs are each of them glued down onto a backing, that white backing that you see in the background. Then I cut an opening, three separate openings, that was much bigger than the photograph. And then this is what’s called an open V groove, this space here because it’s V on either end. And what we did here is, I separated out by quarter of an inch all the way around. My mat cutter then cut all these separate, this is a piece all by itself which I then glued onto the photograph. Dido over here and dido over there.

So, this and this are all the same plane, all of this is on the same plane, it’s the same mat board. But by doing the open V groove 3 openings, V groove because you have a V groove here and a V groove there. By doing that, I then created each one as a separate image, even though they’re all presented together because this particular aspect holds your eye on that, that in that, that on that.

The minute you step back, we see all of them together, it’s all the white, so the white just blends together. And then this particular frame was just a metallic frame I had, that I thought would work, with this.


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

4625 Avenue Wilson,

Montreal, Quebec



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