Photo frames

Photo frames

With custom framing, you become the master of your work: choose the materials (wood or metal), the style (from ultra-chic classic to sleek modern), the dimensions, the thickness, the colours, the finishes, the textures, etc.

You are not forced to adapt your photos to the standard dimensions of the already manufactured frames that you will find in the big box stores. With custom framing, your frames take the shape of your photographs. Therefore, you are free to crop your photos as you wish without having to worry about fitting them into a predefined frame.

We also frame paintings: find out more here.

The Moulding

Ateliers Daniel offers hundreds of different mouldings. You may hesitate to make your choice in front of this ocean of possibilities. Our advisors will guide you to find the moulding that best suits the colours and style of the photograph to be framed as well as the setting where you plan to display it.

Do you prefer:

  • Wood or aluminum?
  • Minimalist designs or imposing and elaborate woodwork?
  • Neutral tones, pop or metallic colours?
  • Dark or light?
  • Strong contrasts or colour gradations?
  • New or a more classic appearance?

All these criteria will help you to refine your search.

The matboard

A Matboard, a high-quality thick board, will be needed to create a space between the photograph and the glass both for preservation and aesthetic purposes. When larger, the mat has the effect of enlarging the work. Care must be taken to ensure that it does not overpower the work. Only professional framers such as those at Atelier Daniel have the expertise to advise you on the dimensions and proportions that should be respected.

Often of a neutral colour, such as shades of white, the matting allows the eye to focus on the photograph. The mat’s edge (which rests on the work) is beveled and can be of another colour. This will depend on the effect you wish to create and the setting in which you intend to display your frame.

Frame under glass

Photo frames are usually glazed with glass or acrylic. These materials must have UV filters to preserve the photograph and the paper’s original colours. Lead based glass is also preferred to allow everyone to see the work properly from all angles, regardless of the lighting.

What is your budget? Are you planning to display your photo in a sunny room or one with intense ambient lighting? These are some of the questions that will help us advise you on the type of glass you should choose.

Prices for custom-made photo frames

Custom made frames are more expensive than those at the large chains’ ready-made ones. Their quality is significantly higher than those that are mass produced.

Factors influencing prices include

  • the size of the work, the moulding, and the mat;
  • the style of matting (single or double);
  • the shape and finish of the mat;
  • the glass used to protect the photograph (anti-reflective or anti-UV);
  • the finishing of the mouldings.

Prices for wood moldings

For wood moldings, prices range from $4 to $300 per foot ($13 to $975 per meter). A general rule of thumb is about $8 per foot ($26 per meter).

Prices for aluminum mouldings

Prices here range from $2 to $30 per foot ($6.50 to $97.50 per meter). As a rule of thumb, prices are around $6 per foot ($19.50 per meter).