Choosing a frame for a painting by Chaki

So, this painting is by Chaki. He is a Greek born artist who’s been living in Montreal for the last 50 years of his life. He is a very well-known artist from Montréal region who also sells internationally. He created these landscapes. What Chaki does is create landscapes that are in his mind’s eye -in his imagination.

He’ll use these bright colours because, primarily, Chaki is a colourist and uses the landscape form to use colours. In order to allow himself to use colour and appeal to people. Because Chaki used all this white all around the edge of the painting, I needed to create something that is going to stop your eye.

Again, with what I said before and have been repeating myself – is that the purpose of the picture frame is to stop your eye to keep it focused on the content. Remember that white reflects all colour and black absorbs all colour.

By putting this black on the outside I forced your eyes to see the white that is reflecting all the colours It’s also highlighting all the bright colours that are in here. The black just controls everything by absorbing your attention and focusing your eyes.


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Dictated by John Daniel

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