A floating frame –what is it and how does it look?

A Floating frame

A floating frame –what is it and how does it look?

We often get people bringing in paintings. They basically require 1 of 2 ways to be framed. While there are many different styles to frame a painting there are primarily two ways to do it. What I consider to be the right one is this one – because the image fills the whole canvas. I hesitate to put it into a frame that covers anything.

A more traditional frame is where the frame goes on top of the canvas and then covers 1/4 of an inch on each edge. All regular frames cover 1/4 of an inch of the actual images on the canvas. What we do then is we put the painting in this kind of a frame, which is a float frame, created specifically for this purpose. Its shape is like this right here so it’s meant to accept the artwork inside here. These frames are available deeper, wider or narrower.

The deeper ones are needed, depending on the kind of painting that you have, with the artist having used a thick stretcher or a narrower stretcher. This particular one is the sample that I actually have in my hand. This is called a floating frame. What happens here is that the painting is inside it sufficiently spaced away from the painting. About 1⁄4 inch so that if there are any irregularities in anything or if is not square or not perfect your eye won’t see it easily. 1/4 of an inch will make the frame quarter of an inch bigger so that you see the shadow line all the way around the painting.

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