A special Frame for a painting by Stephen Lack

This painting is a little bit unusual in as much as the artist Stephen Lack is from Montréal and who lives in New York and works there. He does images that are inspirations that he gets from newspapers, from magazine articles and from the TV.

This is sort of a cops and robbers kind of theme where you have the police with their backs to you and, as you can see, this is the TV done in a very old style with people who are up against a fence, for whatever reason. So, because this was off a TV image.

I wanted to create the impression that it was still TV. To do that I had to create a boxlike effect on it and that’s what we’ve tried to do here. That’s what we ended up doing. It’s the same frame used 2 different times one on top of the other.

Where the painting is actually sitting framed at the very edge of the frame and instead of inside the frame, instead of floating inside the artwork. Then, by putting the 2nd frame on the outside of the first one I created the impression of a 3-dimensional aspect of it where when you’re looking at it you’re looking through something where your eye is being drawn into it by these different levels that are here and it is somewhat three-dimensional, the piece itself, because you have duct tape on it, if you will.

This crisscross is actually creating a feeling of depth.


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Dictated by John Daniel

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