A giclée print

A giclée print

Alright so this is an artist who actually paints on carpets and that’s why you’re getting that kind of an image on here. I can’t tell you where it was done but this is, so this is a giclée. A giclée is a scanned image of a painting and then it’s printed in a limited edition. So in itself it’s a copy obviously of a painting but its scanned so the colours are precisely what the colours are in the painting itself.

So in doing this with the client, I had the impression that I really wanted to see it layered, I wanted to see it further back, I wanted to have it sort of encased, be encased in the frame literally behind. So, what we did is, we took the mat and we lifted it, we put a spacer in behind it, so that the mat is now sitting above the artwork, it’s harder to do that because there’s very little bit of the paper itself to keep it down. So we have to figure that out. This is what we did with this particular piece and then now, I’m going to bring the frame and put the frame on it. And then we will lift it up and we’ll see the effect, when we start making your eyes more focused on the content.

So this is a grey metallic frame to bring out all the aspects that are in here because the colours are in here it’s impossible to compete with them. So the silver metallic one just makes a chime and you’re not seeing it with glass on it but if the glass were on it, it would be equally shining everywhere. So just to repeat you have the piece without the frame and then we put the frame on and the frame just focuses your eye completely on the content


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

4625 Avenue Wilson,

Montreal, Quebec



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