Atelier Daniel uses a large variety of materials and creative methods for preservation framing and design, providing, you, the client with beautiful and unique custom framing design, high quality finishing and great custom framing service in Montreal.



Whatever your framing needs: artwork; photographs; memorabilia; needlepoint and shadow box framing; stained glass; mirrors or any special item you wish to hang, we are there to help you. Ask us about the many options we can show you to beautify as well as to help prolong the life of your cherished possessions.

Custom picture framing will enhance the look of any item. While ready made picture frames are suitable for some projects, only (truly) personalized picture framing expresses your individual taste and unleashes the potential of your art. Hand carved, gold and even shadow box frames are just a few examples of creative framing that go beyond the ordinary.

No matter what you call it, preservation, conservation or museum quality picture framing, it’s essential that your professional custom framer use the proper framing materials and techniques. Our custom framing store in Montreal offers you the technical skills needed to provide beautiful and professional picture and art framing.