Framing of a 3D object

Framing of a 3D object

What we haven’t discussed yet is framing objects framing 3 dimensional objects what you’re looking at here is a sand dollar. 1st of all, hard to find ever find one that is whole young friend was free diving and she brought it up for me as a gift and I’m extremely grateful and so we decided to frame it.

This is a shell basically and again finding a way to glue it to the background so that it hears and doesn’t damage the original nature of this. We use Silicone caulking, silicone caulking is easily you can cut it off and it it is doesn’t damage the material and it adheres well to both the background and the foreground. It became a challenge to figure out what colour to put in the background so that it doesn’t overwhelm the simplicity of the sand dollar ignored.

If you can see, there is the shell of the actual creature that was in there that showing the skeleton if you will. With these openings, so we ended up choosing will 1st that the claimant to get the salt out of it because the water and dried and then we ended up choosing this flat grey so that it would set off the piece at that point we then chose this particular frame, which some people would complain and say that’s a little bit too big.

Again I felt the need that it be larger, but because it has a double bevel. It doesn’t appear as large because your eye sees it as a broken line is that it is a flatline. So we have this particular image and I’ll be showing you some other images of three-dimensional framing a three-dimensional art because on that basis.

We worked together on picking the colour of the mat chosen. They wanted walnut, solid walnut and this is the one that they chose. This has a very wide profile and the width of this profile just highlights how much you’re going to focus on the content because the brown that’s all the way around here is literally a barrier keeping your eye on the content.

You can frame, violins, you can frame, guitars you can frame baptismal clothes you can frame we’ve done robes. We’ve done a whole variety of other things that can be done. So it leaves it open to your impression weaving that somebody’s pipe that was important to them. So this is a way that the owner the person has it can display something that is meaningful to them on their wall.


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

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Montreal, Quebec


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