Framing a Cambodian rice gathering tool

Framing a Cambodian rice gathering tool

With the concept of 3 dimensionality – well…… Let me first tell you what this is. This is a Cambodian rice gathering tool and it came out of Cambodia. It’s a tool carved out of wood with a piece of metal attached to it. This is the handle by which it is held. You then use this part of it, where you reach down and pull the sheaves of rice out of the water. You then use your other hand to hold the sheaves. This is inside blade where you would cut. It’s all done with a very quick easy move like this, and so the workers moved down the field.

Now we wanted to frame this tool. I actually framed this for a client who never came to pick it up. It’s been here for 12 years already. So, it is now ours. I wanted to frame it in a manner where it wasn’t permanently adhered to the back and where it’s easily reversible.

I can easily take the piece out of the frame. We have fishing wire that’s holding it on – you can see it here as well as there – and these are silicone blocks that are in the back to raise it up. Silicone blocks are glued down onto the background. I did not want glass on it because when something is 3 dimensional and you have glass on it, you can’t touch it. I’m tactile by nature so I prefer to be able to reach out and touch something (even if you shouldn’t), but I want to be able to have that option.

I don’t want the glass as an impediment. We found this particular background colour, which I think works very well for the somewhat unusual aspect of the itself.

This frame is made all out of Olive Wood and Olive wood is very rough in nature. It’s not smooth and you have all these different grains and textures. It doesn’t come very big because the olive tree doesn’t grow very wide. That’s why you see these lines in here – because these are small pieces of veneer that are glued together onto the wood.

The client and I just felt that the native rough nature of the wood suited this tool very well. This is another example on how to frame a 3-dimensional work of art in a manner that makes it look special and makes it stand off your wall ass well as allowing you to present something in your house in a way that makes you proud to have it on the wall.


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

4625 Avenue Wilson,

Montreal, Quebec


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